2023 Refresher of what Merewyn does

2023 Refresher of what Merewyn does

We know some people get confused about what it is Merewyn does, so we thought we would start the year by providing you with a refresher.

In general, Merewyn helps you run your small business.

Whether that is by connecting you with various people in her network that she has been actively building over the past 11 years or inviting you to attend networking events where you can actively grow your own connections.

Or providing a hands-on approach through –

  • Sayers Solutions, where we assist you through coaching, consultation and training, as well as implementation for your marketing and strategy.

  • Or provide you with a platform to promote yourself in the HD8 area of Huddersfield through the HD8 Network

Both of which are businesses that Merewyn has created and built over the years.

  • Or as an Area Leader of the FSB in West Yorkshire, where Merewyn
    • is part of the team that organises and plans local activities,
    • listens to members providing a 2-way engagement with the organisation, providing examples to support lobbying action, helping to form policy and make others aware of the situation of small businesses,
    • finds fellow West Yorkshire members to represent the small business community in a variety of ways – roundtable meetings, press interviews and other appointments.

So what can you do now?

If you would like to receive occasional emails inviting and reminding you about networking events, please sign up to Sayers Solutions mailing list here – https://www.sayerssolutions.co.uk/networking-and-other-events/

You can book a Suggestion Sessions, which is a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your business, goals and challenges, where you can sample the experience of working with Sayers Solutions – https://calendly.com/merewyn-sayers/sayers-solutions-suggestion-session

Or perhaps you would like a 2-way conversation and get to know each other better, this can be done via a Networking /Catch up call – https://calendly.com/merewyn-sayers/networking-follow-up

However if you are ready to jump in, you can book coaching and consultation sessions – typically booked in 2 hour slots (1 hour also available) and discounts can be agreed on blocks bought upfront.

To find out about becoming a HD8 Network member please visit – www.HD8network.co.uk/join/

FSB details can be found here – https://www.fsb.org.uk/ – If you would like to find out about FSB membership please let us know so we can send you a link to connect you with a Membership Advisor.

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