Do you want to be great?

Do you want to be great?

At the end of April, Merewyn and her hubby went to Mystery Movie Night run by The Amity Cinema, held at the Magic Rock Tap in Holmfirth and it has left her wondering whether Sayers Solutions wants to help people be great, or if good is good enough.

Here are some of the thoughts Merewyn has been musing on since –

On Mystery Movie Nights Matt doesn’t tell us what the film is that we’re about to see and we only find out when as the film starts playing. The film this time was Whiplash and in all honesty, its not a film I have enjoyed watching in the past. My husband loves it and has put it on numerous times for us to watch. However I don’t like the teacher’s approach; I think he is just mean. To me it is bullying, it makes me cringe, as well as physically cross. Nor do I like the stress the student goes through.

It’s not the way I work, and I don’t think it’s the way to get the best out of people.

I would rather nurture and reassure, focus on positives and assist them to flourish.

However am I just helping people to be good, instead of great?

It has left me doubting whether I even have the desire to be great.

If someone was ‘coaching’ me like that, I think I’d be up for assault charges. I most certainly would have walked away!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say nice things just to please people. If something isn’t right or needs fixing, I am going to tell you. But I will try and help you understand why it’s not right, why it might have gone wrong and work with you to find the best way to improve it. Not just shout or throw things at you.

Do you need to be pushed to the edge of breaking to get the best results?

In the film the main character – a drummer, if you’ve not watched it – practises repetitively in order to get it right, to be quicker and be at ‘the right tempo’, perfecting his skill, so much so that he bleeds all over his drum kit – he doesn’t do it just once either. He does so privately, in group practise and even on stage during a competition.

Without spoiling the film entirely, he is put through other physical punishment in pursuit of being great and not disappointing his teacher, as well as cutting himself off from other emotional connections and companionship.

This question then got me wondering whether I do this to myself.

I might not tolerate a tyrant shouting at me, but I’m not always my kindest critic. I admit that I can push myself to the point of stress (and beyond sometimes) in many ways in the pursuit of running my businesses – the number of hours I work, the time of the hours I work, the number of commitments I undertake without the commitment of a return, the strain it puts on my relationship with my husband and child, as well as other social connections, because I am so absorbed in the businesses and doing what I think I need to do.

As with all great films, it has left me thinking about the topic a lot longer after the film has finished.

Do I really want to be great, if that’s the process you need to go through?
Do I have what it takes to bring the greatness out of other people?

Is it okay to just be good at something?
And can you enable others to be great without screaming “not quite my tempo”?

What do you think? Do you want to be great or are you happy with being the best you can be?

And can you be great without torturing yourself?

Would you like to experience Sayers Solutions laid back, friendly coaching and consulting style, where we aim to help you be better at what you do – without the stress and shouting?

If so please book a Suggestion Session, which is a free 20 minute session to try out our style and see if it works for you.

But remember just because we’re ‘nice’, you’re not getting off scot free. You do have to put the work in and we will point out weaknesses and other improvement areas … but not to the point of physical or mental harm.

We’ll help you to build a plan and coach you through to achieving your goals.

However if you prefer the Whiplash style “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” …. ow sorry wrong film reference ….

Find out about the other sessions available from Sayers Solutions –

With regards to the film, Mystery Movie night and the evenings that Matt puts on through Amity Cinema, they are testament to the importance of the environment and the affect it has on the situation.

When Merewyn tells people that she attends the Amity Cinema, many people ask “Why would you leave your house, to go and watch a film, surrounded by other people … especially those that you’ve got on DVD or are available on Netflix/Prime etc?”

… and her answer is “there’s nothing like watching a film on the big screen” … with the right sound system and no distractions, you can be completely immersed, unlike watching it on the sofa at home.

If you are interested in Amity Cinema and the wide variety of films that Matt shows, you will find details on his Facebook account –