Looking for help with Facebook

Looking for help with Facebook

We are looking for introductions to people who need help with their Facebook or LinkedIn.

Sayers Solutions doesn’t specialise in social media, nor do we want to Account Manage for clients.

However, it appears to us, that social media is the only thing small businesses think marketing is.

But after you’ve introduced Sayers Solutions and we’ve booked them into a session, we will talk a little bit about Facebook.

However, we will mostly help them understand their 4 p’s, who their target market, competitors and stakeholders are, as well as understand their key messages.

We will of course ask what business objectives they have set and we certainly be asking them to complete a SWOT and a PEST … we might even look at Porters 5 forces, but doubt it.

All of this will help them understand their position in the market, creating an outline of a plan.

We will also probably ask about their branding and design, whether they use a CRM or other systems, about their website and tech capabilities, if they have a trusted printer or considered exhibiting and if they have banners, whether all their insurance and legals are in place.

And whilst Sayers Solutions is not an expert on these, we work with partners to help us deliver a full-service offer.

Before they touch Facebook, they should have already thought and documented the above and more….

But they think they just need help with Facebook ….

So, whilst Sayers Solutions is not a specialist in social media

We’d love introductions to people who recognise they need help with Facebook.

Suggestion Session are free 20-minute sessions, where we can possibly help with their Facebook questions and get them thinking about their marketing plan.

For more information about sessions with Sayers Solutions please visit – https://www.sayerssolutions.co.uk/book-a-session-with-sayers-solutions/