Market Research

There are many different ways to conduct Market Research and collect data.

Secondary data  

Internet, magazines and newspapers, as well as promotional materials.  These are all valuable types of secondary research.

Surveys and Questionnaires  

Many people are familiar with this method.  They are structured forms of data collection, which asks the same information in the same order.

They can be carried out on paper, by interview and online.  Survey Monkey and Google Doc provide a free service to create surveys and collect data over the internet.    Although it is actually very hard to do them well.  The right questions need to be asked and phrased in the correct way, as there is no way of probing or asking respondents to expand or explain their answers.


Interviews can be structured, semi or un-structured and can involve one or more people.

Focus groups are un-structured interviews that have groups of 4 – 10 people talking about topics or review products, services and ideas.  The benefits of this method are that it can encourage discussion and reveal related issues that would not otherwise be identifiable.   The researcher is also able to interview more people at the same time.  However if there is a strong leader, they can impose their opinions on others and it can be difficult to record all the information available.


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