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Discover the diverse array of small businesses and freelancers that we serve, assisting with their marketing and strategy.

At Sayers Solutions, we take pride in the diverse range of customers we work with across various industries. Our commitment to building strong relationships with our clients drives everything we do.

Our relationship marketing programs cater to a diverse clientele, including esteemed professionals in various fields:

Professional Services:

Security: Ensuring safety and peace of mind is paramount in any setting. Our tailored marketing strategies support security firms in effectively communicating their expertise and reliability to potential clients.

First Aid: Quick and efficient medical assistance is crucial in emergencies. We collaborate with first aid providers to promote their services and reassure clients of their readiness to handle any health-related situation.

Solicitors: Legal matters demand precision and expertise. Through our relationship marketing initiatives, we empower solicitors to connect with prospective clients, showcasing their proficiency and dedication to resolving legal issues effectively.

Makers and Producers:

Whether artisans, crafters, or producers of goods, we assist makers in showcasing and selling their products effectively to their target audience.

Events Management:

Festivals: Whether it’s music, food, or cultural festivals, we support organizers in delivering seamless and enjoyable experiences.

Promotions: We help businesses and organizations promote their events effectively to attract enthusiastic attendees.

Venues: From cozy spaces to grand halls, we assist venues in creating memorable experiences for their guests.

DJ’s and Musicians: We collaborate with talented artists to enhance events with unforgettable beats and melodies.


Artists: From visual artists to performing artists, we support creatives in showcasing their talents and reaching wider audiences.

Marketing: Our marketing partners, together we assist businesses promote their products and services effectively, to reach the right audience at the right time. But we also need someone to lean on and bounce ideas off of.

Graphics: Eye-catching graphics are essential for branding and marketing efforts. We work with talented graphic designers to create visually stunning materials. As well as support them with direction and structure.

Video: Video content is king in today’s digital world. We team up with videographers to produce compelling video content that captivates audiences. Assisting them to connect with the multitude of partners and collaborators.

Website: A strong online presence is crucial. Our collaboration with website developers ensures that our clients have user-friendly and visually appealing websites. We work with the developers translating objectives and aspirations.

No matter the industry or sector, Sayers Solutions is dedicated to fostering meaningful partnerships and delivering exceptional results. Innovation and processes are at the heart of what we do, with the view of nurturing meaningful relationships and helping our clients achieve their goals.

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