Sayers Solutions will work with you to establish your Business Definition and Value Proposition.

Identify your goals and objectives, basing them on your vision for your organisation.

Sayers Solutions will undertake an analysis of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, your Micro and Macro Environment, your Competitors and your Stakeholders.

As well as help you to realize your Core Competencies and Assets and how they create your Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

If none of this means anything to you, let’s book a session where these terms can be explained and a strategy (and the work involved) can be sketched out.

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Marketing Plan

If you already have your business plan, you are halfway there!  Perhaps you also want to create and implement your Marketing Plan.

Sayers Solutions will help you to review and understand your target market and explore the 4 P’s (Price, Product, Place and Promotion).

We will discuss your offering and your goals, to ensure they meet yours and your target markets needs.

We will create a communication plan and identify the relevant measurements for you to be able to achieve your business goals and objectives.

This will then be collated into a report, along with research and recommendations, producing your Marketing Plan for your organisation.




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