Peer Support Sessions

You are an expert in your business and also in your industry, however don’t you find, sometimes there are things you want to chew over with others?

Often, simply by just talking about the situation you find a resolution?

But who can you turn to?

As a small business you probably don’t have teams of managers and shareholders to discuss and pool your knowledge with.

You are unlikely to have large budgets for research and development.

There is also probably limited funds and time to invest in training or subcontractors.

And family and friends can only help so much without you appearing to be bothering them, plus they don’t always have the right skill set or experience, especially if they are not self employed themselves.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was another way?

Sayers Solutions offers you a monthly opportunity to meet with other like minded businesses to discover solutions, alternative ways to market your business and adopt best practices.

Learn from your peers and grow you business.

Your first introductory session costs £10 and future sessions need to be bought in blocks of 4 costing £100.

Light refreshments are provided.

A different topic will be discussed at each meeting.  These will be determined by previous bookings and requests, and where possible the topics will be announced in advance.

When appropriate and available a specialist in the variety of subjects will be arranged.  This may be in the form of another session beforehand, or within the main meeting, depending on demand, availability and the topic.

All discussions are held in confidence.

There will also be an opportunity to network with local businesses, build relationship, find partners and associates and potentially receive referrals, however this is not the main focus of the meeting.  This is not the place for sales, however through building relationships it is expected that this will naturally occur.

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