Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing is … you’ve guessed it … about building and managing your relationship with your market.

There are a number of different methods of communication, depending on who your business and market are.

Some businesses are perfectly suited to social media, others trade conventions.

Here are a few tactics that Sayers Solutions can assist you with (click through for more information when shown in pink) –

Sayers Solutions will work with you, identifying the best methods and frequency of communication for you and your market, create a plan and implement it.

Sayers Solutions can also produce Sales Tools (ie Powerpoints, Elevator Pitches and Marketing Collateral) and assist with Branding and Stationery, Stakeholder Management, Monthly Reporting and Project Management.  

Admin Services is an addition to this and ranges from answering the telephone to creating forms and office procedures.

To manage your relationships, you need contacts to manage.

These of course will include your clients; however they will also include people you have met networking, leads, suppliers, subcontractors, media contacts and other stakeholders.  The best way to achieve this is using a CRM system.

Sayers Solutions can help you to optimise your existing systems or implement a new CRM that complements the way you want to do things.

If you don’t already have a database of contacts, Sayers Solutions can even create one for you; data cleansing old lists and typing up the assortment of business cards you’ve collected over the years. 

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