Celebrating 11 years of Sayers Solutions

Celebrating 11 years of Sayers Solutions

Who would’ve thought this day would come! It is with pleasure to announce that on this day (23rd November 2022)  We are celebrating 11 years of Sayers Solutions!

Who would have believed when we started Sayers Solutions 11 years ago, just how many amazing people we would get to work with and what a fabulous journey we were embarking on.

How was Sayers Solutions created?

Merewyn began working in all sorts of various places in her early teens, then numerous offices in her 20s.

She then went to university where her first university lesson was… surprise, surprise…marketing.

Merewyn then had a lightbulb moment, a moment whereby she realised what it was that she wanted to pursue.

She understood what marketing was and gravitated towards it. Although throughout her time working, she always preferred working for small businesses, particularly family businesses, Merewyn prepared herself to finish University and apply for positions in corporates and big businesses, thinking this is what she needed to do to perfect the trait.

Even though in her “small business marketing” module in her final year, she learnt that small businesses and entrepreneurs are actually more complex and different to big businesses. 

After graduating, she found a job as marketing assistant, but due to the financial climate at the time, she, along with a number of shop floor workers and office staff were made redundant.

Frankly she didn’t want to apply for other jobs, didn’t want to write another cover letter or tweak her CV any more.

She figured that she had all the necessary knowledge – she could build and maintain websites, send email marketing, set up, schedule and use social media – already doing this for the Friends of CHaT Parks for many years already, as well as in different role whilst at Uni and before … and so she decided to … jump forward on her plan …. and start her own business – Sayers Solutions. 

Merewyn’s journey & other endeavours

Since then, Sayers Solutions has worked with many different types of business around the country including security companies, solicitor firms and even artists. 

SS’s mission has always been to help business owners, like you, focus on what you do best. To help implement and use digital and marketing tools and techniques to run your business. Using innovative and creative solutions, alongside traditional ones, we help you deliver a customer experience which contributes to your overall business goals.

But Sayers Solutions isn’t just about helping businesses with their marketing, they are a huge part of their local community with Merewyn getting involved with launching and running a community group for three local parks; The Friends of CHaT Parks.  Which has now become a Charity and of which Merewyn is a trustee of. 

And in 2013, Merewyn created the HD8 Network to build and promote communication across the HD8 (Huddersfield) area.  There is a website, social media channels, monthly networking events and a variety of ways for businesses and event organisers to promote their activities.  Merewyn has also successfully run 2 annual Business Shows.

Merewyn has also tried to save a Chapel over the past few years, with the view of returning the building to the village and local community. However frustratingly the committee’s bid to buy it was not successful, after many years personally liaising closely with current guardians and trustees.

Joining the FSB back in 2015, Merewyn soon became the elected Branch Secretary of the Kirklees Branch, and when branches were dissolved and the new FSB structure was put in place, Merewyn became an area leads in West Yorkshire, and was elected into position in 2019. Her role involves overseeing and planning activities in West Yorkshire and feeding back through the Yorkshire, Humber and Northeast Region, Board of Directors and to the Policy (EPU) team. Merewyn also runs the West Yorkshire networking event, which is a friendly and informal held on Zoom, every Tuesday morning. 

The ups & downs

It hasn’t been an easy ride, there have been many stressful challenges Merewyn has had to overcome, like one time when one of her main contracts ended unexpectedly. This not only came as a big disappointment to her, but it also contributed to having thoughts regarding terminating the business. However, she didn’t let this tear her down. She was able to pull herself up and lean on her resources, connecting with her network and eventually finding new opportunities. Since then, she has learnt not to make the mistake of putting all her eggs in one basket, and more notably, the importance of resilience. 

On the other hand, there has been many highs running a business had brought, which ultimately triumph the bad and challenging times.

What Merewyn most values is the freedom she is able to benefit from each day- from picking her own working hours & clients. Brad Burton, founder of ‘4N’ articulated M’s thoughts many years ago, saying that “when you’re employed, you have one customer and you have to make and keep them happy, when you’re self-employed, you can have many clients and choose how to make and keep them happy”. 

Other milestones for Merewyn include being a member of the FSB, appearing on national news & attending the House of Commons.

What’s in store for the future of Sayers Solutions?

Alas, none of this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some of Merewyn’s closest friends & family. Merewyn’s husband has been a pillar of emotional support (and always there to proofread & bounce ideas from). M also adores the admiration she receives from her daughter (mostly due to her thinking her mum is famous because she appeared on telly). Needless to say, none of this would’ve been possible without them. 

Looking forward to the future, Merewyn hopes to become more than just Merewyn. Over time she has grown, not only herself but her business. She now even has an intern! 

Single-handling her business for so long has made her realise that although she has accomplished so much on her own and has handled and kept everything under control- she realises that it may be time to take on some extra help. In time, she will be looking to have account managers, as well as building two-way mutual beneficial collaborative relationships with fellow business owners. 

She aims to keep Sayers Solutions alive for as long as she can – she loves it so much, she wants to continue doing it even after retirement! 

Originally she aimed to eventually become the go-to person for marketing and business advice for those in the local area … however, technology advances such as VoIP and the adoption of videoconferencing platforms like Zoom to communicate and provide Sayers Solutions to those across the country- working alongside clients from London and the East Coast – has left her questioning the Vision statement for the business.

Happy Birthday Sayers Solutions, to many more exciting years ahead!

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