Digital technologies

The internet and social media are not going away.  Quite the opposite.  It is one of the main ways a business should be exploring to promote their services. 

These digital communication platforms give you a way to provide the information your customers need during the buying process.

Uniquely this method enables you to measure the interaction and provides 2-way communication, especially now in the new world of chat bots. 


Sayers Solutions works with you to review your current website offering and can make introductions to developers if a new site is needed, and/or manage content updates and planning for the website.

Other digital technologies

There are a range of other digital technologies that your business can implement to manage and promote your business. These include CRM systems, sales processing, case management, social media management, email marketing, bookkeeping to name a few. 

There are platforms that provide all you need under one roof and there are sector specific systems. Which is appropriate for you, depends on several factors; including the systems you already use, what you need it for and how you will use it.

Implementing these systems

Sayers Solutions is not an expert in all areas and doesn’t know every platform available, however we excel at determining the business need for the application and how the platform can assist.  This is usually assisted by the range of experts I have at hand in my business community.

We provide a middle-man service between you and the technical partner, helping to translate needs and deliver the integration of the platform.

Afterwards we work with you to manage and maintain your systems, ensuring they provide your business what you need.

If you are interested in reviewing your digital technologies please contact so that we can arrange your session around your availability or check out our packages.