Event Management

If there is anything better than having an event, it is running it – or so thinks Sayers Solutions.  Sayers Solutions will help you to design and run your event and make it a brilliant success.

Sayers Solutions has run several corporate events, mostly aimed at local small businesses.  These include monthly networking events by the HD8 Network and FSB in Kirklees and West Yorkshire, as well as variety of other events with other organisations, including annual business show and information evening events/seminars..

We are experienced in a range of party environments too – having a large family who like to celebrate and get together – and have extensive years of bar management.

Merewyn from Sayers Solutions started her working life in the restaurant and hospitality industry, before leaving school and working in the corporate world.

Our organisation and planning skills are integral part of our event management service, alongside our creative vision and ability to push boundaries and explore ideas.  We are connected with a variety of businesses, and so any supplies for your event will be easy to source, however you will never be tidied to our contacts.

Tell us about your event and how Sayers Solutions can help.

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