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At Sayers Solutions, we understand that each small business is unique. We specialize in providing tailored marketing and business strategy support, but we also recognize the power of collective wisdom. By joining our community, you gain access to a network of like-minded small business owners, ready to share insights, ideas, and inspiration.

Exclusive Benefits for Support Subscribers:

For just £50 per month, become a Support Subscriber and unlock a wealth of resources and connections:

  • WhatsApp Community Access: Join our vibrant WhatsApp group to connect with fellow business owners, share ideas, and get real-time advice.
  • Monthly Group Meetings: Participate in dynamic group sessions where you can discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and stay motivated.
  • Quarterly Individual Coaching: Benefit from personalized coaching and consultation sessions to keep you focused, motivated, and on track to achieve your goals.
  • Early Bird Invites & Preferential Rates: Enjoy priority access and special rates for our exclusive coaching and consultation sessions, business plan reviews, MarComms planning sessions, and Marketing Bootcamp.

Engage, Inspire, and Grow

Our Support Sessions offer a unique opportunity to:

  • Network with Peers: Meet fellow subscribers and guests to discuss your business challenges and share tactics that work.
  • Gain Motivation and Accountability: Receive and provide the encouragement needed to stay committed to your objectives.
  • In-Person and Online Meetings: Benefit from the depth of in-person meetings and the convenience of online sessions.

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