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Join a community of small businesses, working together to overcome obstacles and inspire each other.

Sayers Solutions Support Sessions

Sayers Solutions provides marketing and business strategy support to small businesses, however we are each experts in our own business and industry, we are also experts in how we research and buy products, both as business owners and consumers.

Understanding situations from other people’s perspective, can help develop our own.

The opportunity to become a Support Subscriber will give you a number of ways to connect with and share ideas amongst a close knit community of small business owners.

Become a Support Subscriber for just £20 per month.

Join our community on WhatsApp and Facebook, and receive email updates and support.

Subscribers will also receive early bird invites and preferential rates to the follow –

Our Support Session meetings will allow you to work on your business, build community and talk about marketing campaigns and tactics.  Meet with other fellow Support Subscribers and guests.

Talk and inspire.

These meetings are planned to be both physical and online. Physical meetings can offer more opportunity for in-depth conversation and personal connections, however we can’t ignore and escape the convenience of online meetings.

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