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Sayers Solutions provides marketing and business support to small businesses and non-profit organisations, enabling you to focus “on the business” rather than “in the business” … or the other way round depending on your preference.

Sayers Solutions has been working with clients since 2011, evolving from Sayers Secretaries which was created whilst Merewyn returned to studies.

We have worked with a range of different sectors, however its about the business owner and how they work with us, that is most important.

We want to add value to what they are already doing. They are the experts in their field, and ultimately we just help them to communicate this with their audience and increase profits (assuming that’s their main objective!).

Merewyn has a desire to work with and help as many small businesses, exploit their skills and abilities with a profitable outcome.

What else does Sayers Solutions do?

As well as studying, in 2008, she became involved with launching and running a community group for three connected parks in the city of Wakefield; The Friends of CHaT Parks.  Now a registered Charity, of which Merewyn is a trustee and is actively involved with decision making and strategy for the group.

In 2013 Merewyn created the HD8 Network to build and promote communication across the HD8 area.  There is a website, social media channels, and a variety of ways for businesses and event organisers to promote their activities.  Merewyn has also successfully run 2 annual Business Shows.

In 2015 Merewyn finally became a member of the Federation of Small Businesses, after many years of trying to line up budget and contact from the recruiter.  She attended the AGM and found herself as Secretary of the Kirklees Branch and due to the amount of work and successes received, Merewyn has gone on to become West Yorkshire Area Leader.


Sayers Solutions

Merewyn returned to study in 2008, after 15 year in industry, in her pursuit to find career direction; enabling her to move from suggesting change to implementing it.

During her studies, Merewyn discovered she had a natural inclination for Marketing; being customer as well as business focused, a strong communicator and very creative.

Marketing should have been the obvious immediate choice for Merewyn.

However, first Merewyn worked across a range of business support positions from Office Junior to Account Manger, in small organisations through to multinational ones. 

From each role an insight was gained of how businesses run; how small improvements can make big differences.  Merewyn has incurred many battles but at the same time gained an appreciation for the reservations and resistance towards change.

Originally a Southerner, spending her teenage years in The Witterings, West Sussex.  Merewyn has lived and worked in West Yorkshire from the age of 17 years old, however during this time she has also lived and worked in the Netherlands and briefly in France too.

Sayers Solutions now supports Small Businesses and Non Profit Organisations enabling them to continue doing what they are good at. How can Sayers Solutions help your business? Make an enquiry here

What does your business do?

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