Fully Funded Innovation Programme

Fully Funded Innovation Programme

Sayers Solutions is working with RTC North to deliver a fully funded programme to help businesses in the Leeds City Region (West Yorkshire) to innovate in their business, on behalf of the Leeds LEP.

This programme is designed to prepare businesses, assisting them in the process of innovation.

But what innovation covers, is more than most perceive.

Making changes to processes is as much innovation, as creating new products or services.

Understanding your marketing and strategy is fundamental to any decision about innovation.

More information and a form to complete if you are interested can be found here – https://www.sayerssolutions.co.uk/fully-funded-programme/

If you would like an opportunity to talk about your situation to help you better understand if this the programme for you, whilst discussing your Challenges and Goals, please feel free to book a Suggestion Session – which is a complimentary 20 minute session.

However if you think you might need longer, Sayers Solutions offers one or two hour Consultation and Coaching sessions, which can be bought in blocks. But it might be more prudent to cover this as part of the RTC fully funded programme.

Sayers Solutions is looking to assist as many businesses as possible to access this support, and so, where appropriate and most beneficial for all parties, group sessions might be suggested.

We are each an expert in our own business and sector, however hearing from and contributing to the experiences of others, can have dramatic results on our own situation and understanding.

There might also be other ‘events’ offered by RTC which you could attend as part of the fully funded programme.

However we can only work out what is best for you after we have completed the initial paperwork, making sure you qualify for the programme.

So what are you waiting for?

Complete your details on this page or get in touch to discuss the opportunity further!

You can book a Suggestion Session here – which is a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your business, goals and challenges – https://calendly.com/merewyn-sayers/sayers-solutions-suggestion-session