Business Plan Review

Sayers Solutions is offering an extra pair of eyes on your plans.

Giving you the chance to have your plan reviewed – whatever state it’s in.

Maybe you are looking for reassurance and confidence that you are heading in the right direction.

Perhaps you want another expert to give their point of view.

Sayers Solutions wants to work with you to explore your plan and find ways to optimise and add value.

Sayers Solutions works with small businesses one their marketing position and strategy, creating processes to easily create marketing communications content and make more informed business decisions.

You can also take benefit from a range of follow up sessions also available – see more here

To help when times are tough we are offering one of these Business Plan Reviews away for free each month.

Complete your details and if else fails we can have a Suggestion Session to chat it over.

Not got anything to send?

Don’t worry, we’re still happy to give you some simple pointers to kick you off. First up – have a read of this blog! We’ve also got a few more for you too!

We also have a freebie review document available after you sign up, to help you thrash out your thoughts – or challenge what you already believe.

What will you get from these sessions?

Expect homework and areas highlighted for you to work on and improve.

Mostly you will be able to explore your ideas and obstacles in a trusted environment and gain perspective from a fresh pair of eyes. Giving you clarity and direction.

There may be occasions where we challenge your plan, but that doesn’t mean it is wrong, we might just be helping you to clarify your position and explore further.

If you are interested in finding out more, please complete your details on the form on the next page and we’ll get in touch.

you also get a free download!

You can also –

  • Book 121 consultation and coaching sessions,
  • Benefit from peer support in our Whatsapp / Facebook Group – by becoming a Support Subscriber,
  • Sign up for MarComms sessions,
  • Sign up for our Marketing Bootcamp – next round starting soon,
  • Receive worksheets and homework to explore highlighted areas,
  • Receive email support and guidance.

Further sessions include appraisals and an element of report writing, however accountability and focused attention on your business is all the magic that is needed.

For those of you who want a starting point, use the freebie review document to help you thrash out some thoughts, or challenge what you already believe.

Did you sign up for your business plan review yet?