Sayers Solutions works with you, and sometimes partners, to help you implement and use digital and marketing tools and techniques to run your business.

We discuss and advise on the construction and maintenance of a marketing plan, as well as the tactics needed to achieve your goals and objectives, while measuring your success and progress.

Using a range of digital platforms, Sayers Solutions can help you to implement and keep systems up to date and working for you, to provide communications and information storage to ensure you are effective and compliant.

Sayers Solutions uses innovative and creative solutions, plus traditional ones, to help you to deliver a customer experience which contributes to your overall business goals.

Our focus is building and monitoring your relationships and content management.

We tailor packages to suit your business needs.

The way we work depends on our clients.  Everyone works differently and has changing needs.

We offer one off or blocks of sessions. We can offer you half or day rate, working in your business, weekly or annually.

We deliver our services via

  • 121 training and coaching sessions
  • Telephone & Zoom coaching sessions
  • Report writing
  • Delivery of tactics
  • Seminars, Webinars and other events

Many clients refer to us as their Marketing Department.

You are able to choose whether you pay per session, in the form of retainer packages, or a varying combination.

How can Sayers Solutions help your business?

We are also available for chats and general networking – social and physical.

What do you do? What is your business?