How can Sayers Solutions help you?

How can Sayers Solutions help you?

Sayers Solutions is a Strategy and Relationship Marketing specialist. But what does that mean?

We offer clients coaching, consultation and training sessions. What does that mean?

We hold individual sessions and workshops with clients to discover and explore their goals and challenges, finding solutions and opportunities. Creating a plan of action to achieve your vision.

We bring an element of accountability and expertise to help you along your journey.

We set you homework and we help you do it as well!

On top of our client work, Sayers Solutions has created the HD8 Network ; a local marketing platform for the HD8 postcode in West Yorkshire, and the 4 Part Plan; a simplified structure for business planning and strategy; a way of understanding your business, as well as organise your thoughts and files.

We also have a variety of templates available on Etsy for Remarkable notepads; however these work perfectly as pdf downloads too.

Our solutions are based on you and what you need, so its tricky at first to tell you how we can help you. 

Check out our Testimonial page to see how we have helped others in the past.

However, things we have been working on over the past 6 months (and previous 11 years) in no particular order (or an exhaustive list) –

  • Implementing and running CRMs,
  • Email Marketing planning and delivery management,
  • Exploring Goals & Challenges,
  • Social media planning, management, and training,
  • Marketing Communications planning, management and training and implementation,
  • Make suggestions about GDPR and PECR and data security,
  • Value proposition,
  • Understanding Market,
  • Goal setting,
  • Team dispute advice,
  • Customer Journey,
  • SEO & Google Ads,
  • Branding & Design,
  • Market Research,
  • Idea bouncing and Campaign management,
  • Photoshoots,
  • Direct mail

And much more.

We offer Suggestion Sessions to help you sample what we’re like and how we work, and to help us discover where you need assistance.  We can then make recommendations and continue talking.

We love talking and meeting people, and you can often find us at networking events.  So if you would like to be added to our irregular email that we send about networking events please click here.

However, if you would like to find out more about booking a session with Sayers Solutions please click here or if you are ready to book blocks of sessions, please get in touch to negotiate your budget and expectations.

We are currently offering a free Marketing and Communications Review. Download our review document and book a call with us if you want to discuss your progress.