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There are a number of different sessions that you can book with Sayers Solutions.

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Perhaps you would like to follow up after meeting at a networking event, to get to know each other better, or perhaps you would like to test out Sayers Solutions and see whether the way we work and the suggestions made are suitable match for you and your business.

Or maybe you are interested in booking a paid coaching and consultation session with Sayers Solutions, to help you with your marketing and strategy, or maybe you want to book on to one of Sayers Solutions webinars or other courses.

Whichever is your reason, hopefully this page will help you identify the session that is right for you.

However if you are still not sure, why not submit an enquiry at the bottom of the page and we can arrange to chat via email (or even the telephone) to see which is the best way forward.

Networking follow up & general catch up

Maybe we have just met at a networking event. Or perhaps we have known each other for sometime.

The aim of these sessions are to find out more about each other’s business and see whether we can help each other.

Suggestion Session

Mini consultation session to discuss the issues in your business or discover creative campaigns which you could implement.

This is not a 121, this is a chat about you, your business and what your improvement areas are, with suggestions from Sayers Solutions throughout the session.

This is a great way to get to know each other and see whether we are compatible.

Whilst we don’t ask any money for this, it would be lovely if you would donate an amount of money you think reflects the outcome of the meeting, to a charity of your choice. Ow and of course consider booking future sessions with Sayers Solutions.

Sayers Solutions Session

Sayers Solutions works with small businesses, providing assistance with marketing and strategy through coaching, consultation and training.

Our list price is £100 per hour, and we discount this down reflecting the number of hours and the type of work involved.

However saying that, we find two hour session are most productive, unless it is simply a keeping in touch session.

One hour

Two hours

** Payment is required before the session.

Small Business Appraisal

Sayers Solutions Small Business Appraisals aim to give the small business owner (or marketing assistant) the opportunity to reflect on their past activity, in order to constructively move their business forward and build effective plans for the next year and further into the future.

** Payment is required before the session

Webinars, Group sessions & other events

Sayers Solutions runs a range of webinar and other courses to assist you with your marketing and strategy.

We currently use Eventbrite for our event booking system – – see a list of other sessions you can book on.

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