Kirklees Business Conference

Kirklees Business Conference

8th June is Kirklees Business Conference and Sayers Solutions is very excited to be attending and see all those wonderful faces of the people from businesses in the Kirklees area.

It has always been a favourite event of Sayers Solutions and has always been a great way to catch up and see people who you haven’t seen for such a long while and since we’ve had something – not talked about much – which has happened and kept us away from each other for nearly 3 years (maybe slight exaggeration …) it should be a really good event.

Do let us know if you are coming along and make sure you tell EVERYONE else is and around the Kirklees Business community!

Let’s make it massive!

Find out more about the conference here –

We are looking forward to networking with the exhibitors and delegates, but also we’re planning to have an after Conference event … call it an official networking event, or just call it casual wind down drinks, we’d love you to come along and catch up in a relaxed and friendly environment!

The idea is still being formulated, so your input and suggestions are welcomed at this time and more information will be available nearer the time!

However the thought at the moment is to go to the Yorkshire Rose, as there is no where at the stadium and there is parking for those who have cars.

To help us keep a track of who said they might or definitely coming, as well as send reminders beforehand, add your details here