Support Subscriber Meetups

Support Subscriber Meetups

Over the past year Sayers Solutions has been creating a Support Subscriber package and more recently we started to hold meetups.

These meetup sessions give subscribers the opportunity to come together and discuss marketing plans and obstacles. They are not networking events to sell to people!

Our next meetup is this week – Thursday 22nd February at 2pm

Interested in joining? Book your place here –

In the future we are hoping to possibly arrange physical meetings too, but it’ll depend on geographics of subscribers, amongst other decisions.

As well as meetups – we also have growing Whatsapp and Facebook Groups.

Become a Support Subscriber for just £20 a month. 

Sign up before the end of February, for 6 months, and get 50% discount!

For more information and to become a Support Subscriber please visit –

Also available from Sayers Solutions

If however, you’d like to book some time to get to know Sayers Solutions and talk about your business, receive some suggestions from us and get a feel of how we work … as well as an idea how beneficial working with us would be for you, then a Suggestion Sessions might be for you! These are 20 minute complimentary – try before you buy – sessions.