“What it is that you actually do?”

“What it is that you actually do?”

People often ask about Sayers Solutions “but what is it you actually do?” and sometimes we find this difficult to answer. Because it all depends on you, and what your goals and challenges are.

Basically, Sayers Solutions works with you on your marketing and business strategy.

We help you to understand your market better, review your proposition, and plan and manage your communications, whilst optimising your lead and customer interactions.

We help you set goals and objectives and review the tactics identified to achieve them, whilst measuring your successes and improvement areas.

What this means for you will depend on how far you are on this journey, and more importantly, what your priorities are at the time.

Things Sayers Solutions generally do with clients.

Discuss business plan

Sayers Solutions coaches and consults with clients through the different elements that need to be included in a business plan.

This can be done as a project from start to finish, or periodically whilst managing campaigns and tactics, as obstacles and challenges are faced, or new goals and objectives created.

Implement and manage digital technologies

Namely CRM systems, website, email marketing, social media and scheduling tools.

There are many preferred tools that Sayers Solutions uses, however fundamentally they are all the same. More importantly its about understanding what you want to achieve and using the tools accordingly. We are quick adoptors of new technology and try not to suggest replacements, when existing systems can be primarily tweaked and improved.

Idea generate and campaign manage;

We work with clients to generate ideas for campaigns and tactics, working with a marketing communications calendar to organise and plan campaigns and communications.

Funnel management

We help clients to look after the various stages of the customer journey, from unwitting leads to emphatic ambassadors.

and much more …

A couple of months ago, for a networking 60 seconds we listed out what we had done in the previous week. This is what we said –

  • Held a photoshoot
  • Updated websites
  • Scheduled social media
  • Updated marketing comms plans and created a new marketing comms for a client
  • Updated CRM and made tweaks to functionality to improve segmentation
  • Resolved an issue with software provider
  • Created topics for email marketing purposes and ability to update preferences
  • Engaged with customers, members and leads
  • Ran an email and telemarketing campaign, and reflected to make adjustments to the campaign delivery
  • Designed and implemented follow-up 5 email workflow
  • Created a new monthly email newsletter template
  • Consulted with someone about diversification
  • Liaised between interested parties and festivals about sponsorship
  • Negotiated deal with leaflet distributor
  • Outlined leaflet distribution plan, created a Linktree and started to design a leaflet
  • Wrote and sketched out more than a dozen pieces of content
  • Created numerous images to complement social media posts

Admittedly it was a busy and varied week but aren’t they all!

Each week is different, as is the work we do with each client.

So is this the time to find out what Sayers Solutions can actually do for you?