Guatemalan Worry People

Guatemalan Worry People

Have you got a pen handy?  Can you draw me some stick men and women, while I tell you a story.

Have you ever heard of the Guatemalan worry people? I stumbled upon them years ago when I learned that my cousin’s daughter was grappling with teenage anxiety. In an attempt to alleviate her distress, I bought her some of these worry people.

These tiny Guatemalan worry people, usually packaged in a small bag, are akin to the stick figures you’ve just drawn. Legend has it that when you harbor worries, you take these little figures out, confide your concerns to them, tuck them back into their bag, and under your pillow. Supposedly, the worry dolls take your troubles away.

I’ve always found the concept fascinating. It provides an avenue for vocalizing your inner thoughts and worries. Imagine being a teenager, juggling adult responsibilities, and yearning to simply revel in the joys of childhood?

Now, how does this relate to the realm of business?

In the business landscape, there are numerous ‘Guatemalan worry people’ waiting to assist you. The first step is articulating your problems and plans. Verbalizing your aspirations and concerns is crucial.

Yet, it doesn’t end there. Documenting your thoughts and strategies, followed by effective implementation, is what transforms your goals from aspirations into tangible achievements.

Let Sayers Solutions become your ‘worry people.’ We offer you the space to verbalize your business concerns, strategize your plans, and implement them effectively.

Go one step further and become a Support Subscriber where you can cultivate your tribe of trusted individuals – your very own worry people in the business world. By confiding in and collaborating with this circle, you’ll find yourself liberated from the weight of constant worry.

Embrace the journey ahead, free from unnecessary burdens, and relish in the joy of progress and growth.

Join us at Sayers Solutions, where worry transforms into opportunity, and the journey becomes as enjoyable as the destination. Together, let’s turn worries into wins and stride confidently towards success.