Start quarter 3 with a boost

Start quarter 3 with a boost

Summer School is free to access Marketing course, aimed at fully informing you about your market and your proposition, and a clear plan of action for your organisation.

While taking a break this summer, from working in your business, why not invest some time working on it.

You will be guided through a process for conducting a strategic review; outlining and exploring your organisation, highlighting focus area to concentrate.

Generally, small business owners know it in their head, heart, and judge by their gut.

Documenting this knowledge is the fundamental part of building a strategy.

Exploring, and most importantly, documenting your findings will enable you to better understand your situation and build your strategy.

Summer School gives you access to full suite of printables, giving you templates of the models used.

These are not one-off tools!  These simple tools can also help you make changes and maintain your plan, while you carry out tactics which complement YOUR organisation effectively, helping you meet your desired objectives.