Our trip to Brand Yorkshire in Harrogate

Our trip to Brand Yorkshire in Harrogate

While attending Brand Yorkshire the other week, Merewyn took opportunity to run a social media campaign as part of our celebration for World Smile Day – check out our blog post here, where we talk about how the smiley face was invented and the reasons which small acts of kindness are celebrated each year.

However, the purpose of Merewyn attending wasn’t purely based on taking selfies. It was to get from behind the desk and meet people. With legs!

Meet new people and see old faces we haven’t seen in a while!

As well as get together with people in person, some of whom we have only ever seen on screen – maybe networking but others in our TikToks *cough* Danny Thompson and LimeLight HR *cough*.

There were two main rooms at Brand Yorkshire.

The long exhibitor hall, packed with lots of wonderful businesses ready to tell you about what they do and how they can help you. Many of course had chocolates, brownies, cupcakes, flapjacks and cheese straws – thanks to the Marketers at Spa Professional Academy *wink* well played!.

Of course there were the bags and the literature and the golden nuggets, the business cards. As well as the things to give to the kids!

Everyone was friendly, with balanced conversations and a good time was had. Having the excuse to take a selfie broke the ice a little bit too to be honest …

In the exhibitor hall there were refreshments available and seating area in the middle to have a sit down catch up.

In the other room there was a FULL PACKED list of inspirational key speakers giving great advice & tips for creating success in your business. Unfortunately Merewyn was only able to attend the last 3 sessions – too busy taking selfies! – but if they were indictive of the standard during the rest of the day, we can guarantee the talks will have all been insightful and useful investment of time spent on your business.

Of course, there was much more covered throughout the day

Read some of the things Merewyn learnt in the sessions … click here – https://www.sayerssolutions.co.uk/blogs/2020/speakers-at-brand-yorkshire/

We think the event was a great success and totally recommend that Brand Yorkshire is in your diary for next year.

If we met at Brand Yorkshire – or other networking event – and you would like to book a networking follow up chat, you can do so here, alongside the other sessions that we offer.

After Kirklees Conference we published this blog which gives our advice about what you should consider when attending conferences.

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