Our first Board Meeting

Our first Board Meeting

In October, Merewyn pushed herself out of her comfort zone and attended The Board Meeting organised by John Burgess in Leeds.

The Board Meeting, Leeds - Travelling Man

When she saw John’s post on Linkedin during the summer suggesting the idea, Merewyn thought, as someone that owns 4 types of monopoly, that it could be a laugh and a different way to ‘network’ with business connections.

However, when she arrived at the Travelling Man in Leeds and was directed downstairs, to a table full of men, of whom she was not familiar (she wouldn’t say strange), who were already playing a game … that even by the end of it, she wasn’t too sure how they were playing it … to say she was a bit overwhelmed and panicked is somewhat an understatement.

Ticket to Ride, Board Game at The Board Meeting, Leeds - Travelling Man

When the guys had finished their game, they split into two smaller groups to play further games; with Merewyn’s group playing Ticket to Ride.

Merewyn said that the overwhelm was then exacerbated. Whilst they were reading the rules, she recognised that she is someone that learns by doing, and she is not great at following rules …

On top of that, the game was based on obtaining train tracks across America. Her geography knowledge of that country (until then) was near to non existent. All of this continued to make her question “are you going to make a complete ass of yourself here Merewyn?”.

However she held her nerve and went with the flow, picking it up along the way …

… AND SHE WON the game!!!

Some might say that she was courageous to go into Leeds City Centre on her own, at night, meet a group of strangers and do something she has no idea about … However, she would say it was more like foolish ignorance.

But it paid off this time and she is looking forward to joining the Board Meeting next time on the 9th November.

If you would like to attend the Board Meeting or get more information, please get in touch with John by emailing – j.burgess@sagars.co.uk

Thanks John for organising an amazing night!

Merewyn and Khalid from the Travelling Man Leeds

Travelling Man – Leeds

If you fancy getting your board game on independently, or checking out a variety of geeky stuff (we are not being rude when we say geeky stuff, are we?) check out the Travelling Man Leeds!

You can find them on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/travellingmanleeds/ or by visiting the store on Central Road, Leeds, LS1 6DE.

Merewyn and her Funko Pop

Khalid was very welcoming when Merewyn arrived at the Travelling Man and they vibed about both having custom Funko Pops of themselves! (He was super impressed that hers was in its own box too!

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