FSB Pants 2022

FSB Pants 2022

The FSB West Yorkshire Pants event is back again on the 8th December, starting at 6pm.

Since 2018 we have organised a Christmas get together with FSB members and friends, holding it at the Huddersfield Mission, asking people to bring with them donations of Pants.

Booking is not compulsory, however it will help us estimate numbers (of mince pies).

This year we are hoping to hold our Pants event in the newly decorated cafĂ© at the Mission, which Merewyn helped to connect the Mission with a decorator who had surplus paint available and kindly donated. Read our article here, to find out more about Merewyn’s recent involvement supporting the Mission.

One of the other projects that Huddersfield Mission have been working on over the past year is their Freestyle store, which offers homeless and other vulnerable customers a ‘shopping experience’ without any money having to change hands. Giving them dignity and freedom of choice when it comes to clothing. Read more here – https://www.sayerssolutions.co.uk/blogs/2022/huddersfield-mission-freestyle/

Find out about past Pants events here –