Huddersfield Mission Freestyle door is open!

Huddersfield Mission Freestyle door is open!

Have you heard about Huddersfield Mission’s brand new free shopping initiative? 

Its called Freestyle and it has just been launched in the last week!

Huddersfield Mission is an organisation that helps people to rebuild their lives and tell their stories to promote fairness and equality in our community.

Freestyle offers the homeless and other vulnerable customers a ‘shopping experience’ without any money having to change hands. It is about giving customers some dignity and freedom of choice when it comes to clothing.

For the past few years Sayers Solutions has been involved with running the FSB Christmas Pants event (details for 2022 coming soon) held at Huddersfield Mission, where we ask attendees to bring pants …. new, preferably small pants … yes underwear!

The event has always been a great success and lots of wonderful donations have been gratefully received! Last year Huddersfield University Business School decided to forgo their usual Secret Santa and instead opted to each donate items to our Pants event. When Merewyn heard this she was brought to tears by the overwhelming kindness.

Until Freestyle launched last week, customers in need would simply be given whatever was closest to hand, in the nearest size possible.

Now with the introduction of Freestyle customers of the Huddersfield Mission can have the experience of choosing their own product, size, colour and fabric and it allows for that true to life shopping experience. 

Beth Currie, Fundraising and Communications Manager for the charity, said “The shop so far has been a phenomenal success. Not only has it allowed us to give the freedom of choice back to our vulnerable customers when it comes to their clothing, we are also able to give volunteering placements to vulnerable adults as well. Of course it’s also great for the environment to recycle clothing and we’re really proud to play our part in that too! We need to say a huge thanks to Cummins Turbo Technologies for their support in getting the shop up and running and to everyone who has donated clothing”. 

Huddersfield Mission is a safe place in the heart of Huddersfield. They provide free advice and support service for a wide range of people with particular focus on supporting those who have mental health issues, are homeless or are vulnerable in some other way.

The Huddersfield Mission focus on the underlying cause of the difficulties our customers face, as well as their immediate needs. 

They offer a range of activity groups and volunteering opportunities to help our customers build self-confidence and life skills.

The charity are accepting all clothing donations, but the items they currently need the most are: 

  • Practical, warm clothing and footwear.
  • Small and medium men’s tops.
  • Jeans – size 28 – 32 inch waist. 
  • Men’s tracksuit bottoms. 
  • Brand new underwear. 
  • Thermal layers. 
  • Men’s footwear, size 8 – 10. 

Freestyle is open each Thursday from 12:00pm until 3:00pm. 

Have you or your work connections, friends or family got items to donate?

If so please get in touch with the Huddersfield Mission.

There are many other ways that you can pledge your support – both to the Mission and to the community that surrounds you.

What can you do to give back and work in harmony with your local community?

Sayers Solutions loves to connect people, so please let us know if we can help further.