Did you build a plan for 2021?

Sayers Solutions 4 Part Plan has been created to simplify the business plan and make it meaningful and effective for you. Maybe you did build a plan for 2021, but if not, there’s never been a better time than now to start.

A new sequence of Group Sessions will start on 1st March at 10am to work through the 4 Part Plan. Book your place here – https://sayerssolutions-groupsessions.eventbrite.co.uk

By attending the group sessions, you will allow yourself to work on your business, rather than just running it – letting yourself see the wood for the trees.

You will come away with

  • an established vision of where you want your business to go,
  • a snapshot of where your business is now,
  • an appreciation for a range of business and marketing models and techniques that give you a clearer and alternative perspective of your business, the products, and services you provide, your customer, your competitors and so on
  • a clearer way of measuring your activity and successes, enabling you to make amendments to the direction of your plan and in turn your business,
  • an outline and structure of a meaningful business plan.
  • as well as a list of tasks to implement, to make the identified changes.

This is not “a how to” course for your marketing communications. 

We will not be covering how to set up and run your social media, how to generate web traffic or how to write a blog article … however tips and recommendations may present themselves from your peers and Sayers Solutions during the sessions.

You will receive a downloadable copy of Sayers Solutions Marketing Communications plan, which you can use to help explore and plan your marketing activities and communications month by month.

As well as a range of printables and a Word Document outlining the headers and segments of the 4 Part Plan.

Build your plan for 2021 by securing your place on the 6-week group session course now and give yourself clarity for the months ahead.

Sayers Solutions 4 Part Plan is not a one off exercise, it is meant to be a business aid, updated regularly (preferably constantly), allowing you to pivot and adapt according to current announcements and developments, as well as getting you to your end game. What is your vision?

The group sessions are only an hour of your time each week, for 6 weeks. 

However if you want to get the most out of the experience, you might want to spend a further hour each week putting into practise the topics covered, or researching and documenting your own situation – the more you do, the more you will benefit.

This package also includes a consultation session with Sayers Solutions to help you delve deeper into your plan, providing you with exclusive and tailored suggestions and reflections for your business.

Book your place today – https://sayerssolutions-groupsessions.eventbrite.co.uk

Free webinar available on 24th February at 9.15am giving an indication of what will be covered in the full 6 week course – https://4partplanwebinar.eventbrite.co.uk

What does your business do? What are you good at? What would you like to focus more on?