What is Sayers Solutions?

Sayers Solutions provides business support to small Businesses and non profit organisations with the aim of helping you to focus on what you are good at.

Time and money are the biggest restraints of any business and the need to focus on day to day activities means there are never enough resources available to look at the big picture and set goals, and strategies to achieve them.  Having a holistic view of the market and your proposition will enable you to move your business in the direction that you want, rather than simply satisfying demand.

Most people associate marketing with advertising.  However, as advertising has become so large it is now its own area.  A large proportion of marketing activity is concerned with communicating but there are many alternative methods other than TV, newspaper and outdoor advertising to communicate your business message.

Digital Technologies now offer a plethora of ways to interact and engage with end users and also provide measurements and statistics for campaigns, unlike any other tactics.  Overlook this at your peril! Just because you are not there to talk to doesn’t mean people won’t be talking about you, at minimum you should be monitoring conversations even if you don’t want to participate in them.   Sayers Solutions has over four years’ experience in building, implementing and monitoring digital marketing strategies and would be happy to apply this knowledge to your business.

Sponsorship and Event Management are both interactive ways of communicating with end users providing an enjoyable positive association with your business.  Press Releases and Public Relations are considered to be credible and effective ways of communicating your message and don’t cost anything … apart from time or professional fees.  Sayers Solutions can help you understand which marketing communications are available to your business and design, implement and measure their effects.  In some cases Sayers Solutions will introduce you to partners and other service providers in order for you to maximise the outcomes. (Click here if you are interested in partnering opportunities).

The original Marketing Mix describes the four tools in a marketer’s arsenal – Product, Price, Place and Promotion … also known as the 4 P’s.  Since being first introduced in 1958 there have been many suggested variations and extensions, for example Lauterborn (1993) proposed the 4 C’s which is said to be more consumer-oriented – Consumer, Cost, Communication and Convenience.  What these models show is that Marketing is much more than just communication and promotion.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines Marketing as “”the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably”

Sayers Solutions can help you understand your customer’s needs, perhaps tweak your proposition and add value to attract more profitable customers.  Sayers Solutions can suggest, implement and monitor tactics and campaigns, incorporating them in to strategies designed to meet identified objectives.

Perhaps you would like to meet up and discuss your business.  Sayers Solutions can offer you a no obligation free introductory chat about your organisation.  Why not see what Sayers Solutions can do for your business?

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  1. Thanks for your clarity on marketing, there is always more to learn about it, and more to do, so it is really helpful to see it set out like this. It is one of my major challenges in business.
    best wishes

    • Thanks Samira for your comments. Have you identified your objectives for your plan of action? It sounds simple but many people ignore this as it seems too obvious. These objectives can help you identify how and why you need to go about your actions, but more importantly will help you measure how effective your actions have been. Let me know if I can be of any help.

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