School Sports Funding

School Sports Funding

The other day we were having a catch up with our friend and networking connection Medical Insurance Michael and he was telling us about the work that he does with schools and the funding that is available for sport equipment.

We were so impressed with the work he is doing that we offered to share details of it on our blog.

The WPA Benevolent Foundation supports projects throughout the United Kingdom and, as well as other projects promoting good health, is currently focused on supporting the purchase of healthy physical activity equipment in schools.

So far Medical Insurance Michael has funded over 10k to schools in West Yorkshire and there’s more to follow! His aim is to hit £20,000 by the end of 2023.

He is currently in talks with two schools in the Huddersfield area, who are looking at funding for sports equipment to help students. This will help students during school hours, help the school to provide more after school clubs, and help through events bringing the community together to support the school. Funding has been provided towards a primary school trim trail, High school Exercise bikes, gym equipment, school sports teams bibs, and a growing number of schools with Dragonball sport, even discussed a Dragonball school league!

Michael says “These are all great conversations to have, especially when I have my own little ones and know what it is like!” I am passionate about helping children to be more active and enjoy more inclusive sports, with the help of the WPA Benevolent Foundation I want to work with schools to help with funding for sports, music, gardens trim trails and the inclusive Dragonball sports equipment packages.”

More about WPA Benevolent Foundation

WPA Appointed Representatives are actively looking to help state schools in the local area and help with the funding application that is put forward to the trustees of the WPA Benevolent Foundation for approval.

Projects have included musical instruments, trampolines, trim trails, bicycles, outdoor table tennis, cycle shelters, basketball and rugby equipment, exercise mats to edible playgrounds (vegetable patches) – the list is endless with all as inspiring as each other.

For more information about WPA Good Causes, here is the WPA web page:

Please help to find more projects and get more funding into schools by contacting Medical Insurance Michael.