Do you use a CRM?

Do you use a CRM?

Last week on social media we asked “who do you follow up with after networking?” …

And it got us thinking …

Creating a range of questions we’d like to ask … However #Spoiler the underpinning question is “Do you use a CRM?”.

Check out our social media and follow the questions.

The first question in our sequence is “How often do you ‘touch base’ with Networking Contacts?”

We’d love to hear your thoughts – This is as much about engagement and helping each other, as it is about promotion.

However if you would like to chat directly to us, please book a session with Sayers Solutions.

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But never mind about that right now, we really want to know your answers to our questions, so pop over to social media and get answering.

Want to have access to all of the questions? You can request it here.

However if you are interested in discussing the option of implementing or optimising your CRM please click on this button.