Interest in CRM

A CRM organises and manages your contact details and conversations.

There are many available for businesses to use, and sometimes picking between them can be the hardest challenge. As always, the question is what do you want to use it for, who will be using it and what do you want to achieve.

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Sayers Solutions has worked with several platforms across the years, and there are pros and cons with each platform. The two we generally recommend are HubSpot and Zoho, simply because we have more experience using them and they do what we need them to do, for us and for our clients.

Whilst we are not techies, we use these technologies to organise and manage our contact data, conversations, tasks, salespipe line, email marketing, social media and much more … (we work with a range of techies to help to do what we can’t).

If you would like to discuss how a CRM might help you or the challenges you are facing at the moment, we’d delighted to invite you to an initial Suggestion Session with the option of working with us further to implement and optimise your use of your CRM.