ChatGPT and Challenges

ChatGPT and Challenges

We’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT, and we must say, it’s quite entertaining and a huge time-saver! But how scarily different is it between thinking of the idea, thrashing ideas about and trying to form it into a readable format?  Compared to chucking in words and it types in front of your face. 

What a godsend to people who struggle with copy writing but nonetheless need to create content to run their business and marketing campaigns, and can’t yet afford the luxury of a copy writer to explore and expand their ideas. 

Tbh I feel very sorry for copywriters.  And worry there might be a bubble of copywriters solely using this AI and charging a fortune for it, when its freely available. 

Let’s please not lose the craft behind writing and forming ideas.  Its bad enough we hardly hold a pen to express our thoughts, to not even generate them in the first place is worrying.  Not least forgetting the ethical and other unknown implications of AI … but for the time being we’re giving it a go, whilst wearing our tin hats.

We talk to businesses about their goals and challenges.  So today we put in the search term “challenges” and this is what it spat out to us in under a minute.

“Certainly! Challenges can refer to various difficulties or obstacles that individuals, organizations, or societies may encounter. Here are some common types of challenges:

Personal Challenges: These are difficulties faced by individuals in their personal lives, such as health issues, relationship problems, financial constraints, career decisions, or self-improvement goals.

Professional Challenges: These challenges are related to the workplace and career, such as heavy workloads, meeting deadlines, managing conflicts, adapting to new technologies, or acquiring new skills.

Academic Challenges: Students may face challenges in their academic pursuits, such as understanding complex subjects, preparing for exams, managing time effectively, or balancing academic commitments with other responsibilities.

Technological Challenges: With the rapid advancement of technology, individuals and organizations may face challenges in adopting and adapting to new technologies, upgrading systems, ensuring cybersecurity, or keeping up with evolving digital trends.

Environmental Challenges: These challenges are related to environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, or sustainable resource management.

Social Challenges: Social challenges encompass a wide range of issues, including inequality, discrimination, poverty, access to healthcare and education, human rights violations, social unrest, or political instability.

Economic Challenges: Economic challenges involve difficulties in managing finances, dealing with economic downturns, unemployment, inflation, income inequality, or achieving sustainable economic growth.

Global Challenges: Global challenges are complex issues that transcend national boundaries, such as pandemics, climate change, terrorism, migration, nuclear proliferation, or international conflicts.

It’s important to note that these challenges can often overlap and interact with each other, making them even more complex to address. However, they also provide opportunities for individuals and societies to learn, grow, and find innovative solutions.”

Chat GPT, 10th May 2023.

Its interesting to note the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen.

Please don’t rely on this tool exclusively – especially if you don’t know enough about the topic to fact check it. 

And for the purposes of Google and similar bots, its probably best that you change it up a bit.  Don’t just copy and past it directly in (like we have done above). 

Personalise it, make it your own.  Add and expand on points that resonate with you and take out those that you don’t agree with.  Use your language.  It can be hard but believe in your voice and the way you explain things.  Its easy to undermine your own abilities when someone else more eloquently explains your subject area.  However, you are the expert, use this tool as a guide and a way to generate and explore ideas, but at the end of the day people want to find out about you and what your business offers, so make sure its personal and not just facts.

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