Out and about in May 2023

Out and about in May 2023

Well it looks like Sayers Solutions is going to be out in May, attending physical networking events, and meeting people in the local(ish) business network. Whilst also hosting the FSB West Yorkshire online networking event on a Tuesday morning.

Business networking events are gatherings where professionals from various industries can come together to establish and strengthen professional relationships, exchange information, explore business opportunities, and expand their professional networks.

These events vary in types and kinds, but aim to provide a platform for individuals to connect, learn from each other, and potentially collaborate on future endeavors.

Typically these were always held physically before the pandemic, which saw a huge shift to online networking. Meaning you can travel the width and breadth of the country, and of course wider than that, without getting out of your pyjama bottoms.

Key aspects and benefits of business networking events include Building Connections, Knowledge Sharing, Collaborative Opportunities, Career Development, Access to Resources and Support, Referrals and Recommendations and Increased Confidence and Communication Skills.

Networking however is a long-term process that requires relationships to be nurtured, providing value to others.

Attending networking events regularly and actively participating, you can expand your professional network, gain knowledge, and open doors for future opportunities.

Events are always better with familiar faces, so if you fancy coming along some time and catching up, let us know and we will invite you to join us.

If you are interested in Networking but the thought gives you the heebbie jeebbies, or you just want to chat about the opportunity, why not book a Suggestion Session?

Suggestion Sessions are a free 20 minute no obligatory chats. This could be about networking, or other goals and challenges you might have in the business.

Our solutions are based on you and what you need, so its tricky at first to tell you how we can help you. 

Generally our sessions are booked in 1 or 2 hours sessions can delivered 121. However we can and do offer workshops.

Check out our Testimonial page to see how we have helped others in the past.

Or if you are ready to book blocks of sessions, please get in touch to negotiate your budget and expectations.

We hope to see you out and about during May, or perhaps in the future and would love to hear your experience and top tips for networking!

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