Huddersfield Giants Women’s Team networking event – the legacy

Huddersfield Giants Women’s Team networking event – the legacy

You may recall our blog about an evening Merewyn from Sayers Solutions spent at the amazing Huddersfield Giants Women’s League networking and sponsorship event recently –

Well, we thought we would give you a follow up …

On the evening of the networking event, a person from each table was awarded the prize of a Huddersfield Giants match ball and our lovely Merewyn was the lucky winner of her table and was awarded her prize by Big G the Huddersfield Giants mascot.

Merewyn asked some of amazing women to sign the ball, including Julia Lee, Lisa Jagger, Bethan Oates and Shona Hoyle, and was delighted to give the ball to her daughter Elizabeth – who has previously attended the Cheerleading Summer Clubs at the Zone and collected the Huddersfield Giant playing cards, and particularly treasured the one with Big G on it.

What Merewyn didn’t realise was how inspired Elizabeth was by Merewyn’s tales of the event and how excited she was to have the ball.

In fact, Elizabeth was so inspired that she wrote (which she doesn’t normally do) a piece about the Huddersfield Giants Women’s team event and took it into school to show her teacher and friends.

Which Merewyn thought was awesome, as it might inspire other girls to follow their dreams and take an interest in both watching and playing women’s rugby.

If you would like information about sponsoring the Huddersfield Giants Women’s team please get in touch with Lisa Darwin, CEO of the Huddersfield Giants Community Trust.