Giants Women in Business After Event Drinks

Giants Women in Business After Event Drinks

Sayers Solutions would like to invite you to join us for After Event Drinks on the 19th October at the Smile Bar and Venue.

After many other business events, Sayers Solutions has found themselves chatting in carparks, talking about how good it would be to continue the conversation … and so we have started to arrange After Event Drinks.

Previously we have ended up at Pizza Hut (we hadn’t realised the bars weren’t open at the stadium … the other choice was Costa – but they don’t serve alcohol) and after the Kirklees Business Conference, we went for a drink at the Yorkshire Rose pub.

These events give us the opportunity to get loose a little and converse for longer! 

They are simply a casual catch up and an excuse to get to know fellow like-minded people and grow your network- so no pressure! 

So, join us for drinks at Smile Bar and Venue, after the Giants Women in Business event! 

Don’t forget to let us know whether you’ll be able to make it!

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