Are you FSB? Let’s see if we can flood Linkedin with the Federation of Small Businesses‘ Logo. They represent us, let us represent them for a change ….<tag your fsb members>



Copy and paste the above text into your post and tag your fsb members (using the @and type their name space bar repeat) replacing “….<tag your fsb members>“ and use the attached image in your post and change your profile picture, using the image.

Then in March feel free to change your profile picture back or why not treat yourself to a new professional shot.

ImageFSB member logo #fsbFebruary

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FSB member logo #fsbFebruary


If you feel inclined you could add FSB – Member as a job profile, maybe include details of what you have benefited and contributed. Ask for recommendations from fellow federates.

Want to join the FSB?

Then I would recommend chatting to my make Nick Ratcliffe, please mention me. Or visit the website by clicking here.

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