Ring ring … ring ring … ring ring … ring ring …

While marketing my own business I have started to wonder how some actually stay in business.  When I call many don’t answer the phone with most not having an answer phone, and if I do get to speak to someone they can be quite rude and uninterested.

I know on many occasions I have been ‘selling’ my business (or the services of another) however I have mostly approached those who I have an interest in, as a consumer.  For example I have contacted workmen as I want to invest in my property, children’s shops as I have nephews with birthday presents to be bought and wine shops because …..

It makes me wonder whether I should add customer service training to my bow of services but how would I offer that?

There are many legitimate reasons for not answering your phone.  Perhaps you are often driving, up a ladder or in meetings.  Perhaps you are employed or look after the children during the day.  Whatever the reasons, it is highly unlikely the caller will be aware of them.

If you are not able to answer your phone, you will be missing out on business.  I know that I dislike leaving Answer Phone messages, as I can stutter over my words as I have not already decided what I want to say and I would rather ask questions to a person.  The problem is that I hardly ever remember to try again, I just find another business who will answer my call.

One of the services Sayers Solutions can offer your organisation is a telephone answering service.  I can answer the phone as your company and either take a message or deal with the enquiry, depending on your requirements.

Why not call me on 07790705223 or email Merewyn@SayersSolutions.co.uk to discuss your business needs.

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