Finding a Premise

While investigating Permission Marketing I discovered that it is a legal requirement that all communications need to have the business address on them.

I want to be as personable as possible but I don’t want to receive unexpected clients in my dressing gown and neither does my husband. There are many other reasons for finding an office ….

It seems more professional, especially when meeting clients. Plus I now have a space where I can go to work, but more importantly leave behind at the end of the day. Of course there are many disadvantages too. These are mostly related to costs, at home there are no overheads and commitments to be considered; there is already a telephone, internet connection and printer.

Luckily I was able to find a business owner who has a spare office he is willing to let me use … which shows nothing ventured, nothing gained!

In my enquiries I found that many business centres and individuals offer virtual office assistant services … and so have added this to my bow of services.

You can now find me in Denby Dale Business Park … I am still making a decision with regards to a telephone line, but you can still reach me on my mobile 07790705223 and email

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