Not a Content Management Site?

When I have been discussing websites with business owners I have been alarmed at the amount of times I have heard they have decided not to opt for a Content Management Site (CMS). Most people defend their choice claiming it would have had a dramatic effect on the cost of the website.
I believe this is a false economy; every time you wish to make changes or add to the website you will need to request the website builder to carry out the work. My first concern with this is the cost each time a change is needed, but more importantly, if contact with the web builder is lost – for instance they go bust, there is a dispute over invoices or work undertaken – there will be no way of making the changes and a new site will need to be built.
The next line of defence is that there is no intention to make changes to the website. However Google (and other search engines) rank your website according to how current and relevant the information is. To overcome this some advise to plug in a Blog to keep content fresh and up to date, which is fine if you have time to do so and have a different interesting topic to write about once a month or more.
One of the key benefits of digital media should be the ability to provide dynamic, interactive and real time information. The problem with printed material is if a mistake is made or information becomes out dated the resources have to be wasted and this is the same if the website is a static, non content management site.
A website should be regarded as the organisations digital presence and I think of the Homepage as the shop window. Would you plan to never change your shop window display?
On top of this, not only do you want people to find information about your organisation on your website, you want them to return time after time, and so the only way you can do this is by providing fresh content.
With regards to the cost being terrifically higher; I know and work with several companies that produce content management sites, as standard, for considerably lower than some companies that don’t.

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