Difficulties in Progressing

A big obstacle I have found in supporting small businesses relates to the information they already hold.  A lot of it is in their mind and if there are any physical records, they are in email systems or written on scraps of paper.

I am lucky if there are spreadsheets containing information, but am always surprised when I find businesses have CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems or other database software and don’t use them.

This is not so much of an obstacle for me, they are my ideal clients.  However it is for them!  As they feel they can not present me with the information in the current state and feel they need to prepare and tidy it first.

One obvious reason for this could be that they don’t yet know me and are unsure if they can trust me with their contacts and information, which of course they can.  But it has become apparent that it is possibly more to do with my potential judgement of them and how they wish to be perceived.

Part of my work is to do the jobs you can’t do.  Most people can create a spreadsheet of names and contact details, however having the time to do so and the inclination to do anything with it is another matter.

Sayers Solutions aims to help you concentrate on what you do best.  I am trustworthy and would never share your details with any third parties, unless permission was given but more importantly your reputation is safe with me.

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  1. You are so right, I am surrounded by information, business cards, excel spreadsheets, a crm system, and keeping it up to date, and knowing how best to use the information can feel so overwhelming that I go and do something else more interesting instead. Then I regret it later!

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