Sayers Secretaries is back

I’ve been so busy concentrating on the ‘rebranding’ and marketing Sayers Solutions that I completely forgot about Sayers Secretaries. It was at a recent networking event where someone showed interest in the services, as his own secretary annoyingly takes the occasional holiday. After that I have remembered to add this in to business conversations and there really seems to be some real interest in a Virtual Assistant Service.

Sayers Secretaries was launched following a jokey comment many years back “What do you think this is Sayers Secretaries?” shortly after I returned to studies to find my path, following 10 years of office working.

I had foolishly thought as we had hit economic troubles it would be easy to find part time work.

Then while chatting to a business owner I saw the opportunity and offered my assistance.

During my studies I worked with a variety of businesses all varied in type and industry, as did the duties and responsibilities and I think that was what I liked most.

As my studies developed along with my confidence I was able to extend the range of services and assurance about suggestions, applying and modifying lessons from the classroom.

Not always was this popular; when you get a girl in to answer the phone I don’t suspect you expect suggestions on how to run your business. I think this was the main reason for rebranding.

From the interest recently received about virtual office assistant services I have decided to reconsider and resume Sayers Secretaries and instead offer both services in parallel. That way the client can decide when I just answer the phone.

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