Throwback to Filters

Throwback to Filters

Well, what a blast it was this week, returning as host of the West Yorkshire FSB networking event after having the summer off.

I am not going to lie, I was worried that because Michael and Martin had done such a great job while I was away, I might not be allowed back. So I thought I best put some effort in, and not just “turn up”.

We’ve recently had fun with the object game and so I pondered on how I could mix it up on my return.

Towards the end of the holidays I challenged myself to a TikTok a day … to help overcome the fear of me being on camera and experiment with the tool.  There are numerous conversations to be had about TikTok; its security issues, addiction levels etc – but that’s for another day.

Check me out on SchoolRunMum.

Another objective for the TikTok experiment, is to determine whether we want to also create a Sayers Solutions account and further explore its use for business. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this? 

Any way …. Some of those TikToks involved Filters, and it reminded me of when we first “collectively” started using Zoom and of the amusement had playing with the filters, in our co-working spaces and meetings.

So, at the beginning of the FSB West Yorkshire meeting, we had a giggle reminding ourselves of the function, showing others that hadn’t experienced it before .

Tearful Daniel demonstrated the additional avatar feature and challenged us to create ones for next time.

I decided, as it was a professional meeting, to lose the beard but kept the flower in my hair (I ‘might’ have also kept the eyebrows and lips).

Gareth pointed out halfway through the meeting, that when he drunk from his cup, the cat took over his moustache.

If you would like to attend “the most fun had while business networking” (as said by newbies all the time) and get to know small businesses who have a connection with West Yorkshire, you are welcome to join. 

Note – your connection can even be as lame as your uncle’s aunt’s sister’s brother drove through here on the M1 ….

Meetings are hosted by me, Merewyn Sayers, as West Yorkshire Area Lead and Barney Mynott, the Development Manager of the Area, and brought to life by the wonderful collection of members, regular attendees and fresh faces that join us each week. 

All are welcome.

Tuesdays 10am – book via FSB

How has your return to work after the summer holidays been?

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