The Self Employment Dream

I heard something hilarious at a networking event recently …. “I’ve always dreamed of being self-employed” ….

If this is you … please let me burst that bubble and let you know, it really isn’t all its cracked up to be! 

Sure, there are a few positives … but knowing what I know now, I’d say “Stay employed! Enjoy the paid holidays and more importantly the sick leave … and not having the responsibility to still get the work done when you are off”.

I was so poorly last year – don’t get too sympathetic, it was just a cold, nothing actually serious – during a REALLY busy time and there was no bedrest, no sick leave or sick pay for me.  The work had to be done, didn’t matter how much like death warmed up I was!

Also, when you are self employed or running your business.  You don’t actually spend your time doing what you are good at.  You spend your time fighting with tech and DNS servers or doing Bookkeeping, Tax Return and Admin work … or even worse, Sales!

Sure, you can outsource all that stuff.  But first you need enough customers and income to be able to pay for it.  And outsourcing is REALLY expensive.

Then when you realise you can’t do it all and outsourcing has emptied your pockets and you’re fed up of suppliers letting you down … the next route is to employ someone.  Be responsible for someone else’s income … and mental health, because mental health in the workplace is a big buzz word.

There are no appraisals – you are lucky if you get a testimonial or less lucky if you get a complaint … there is no training manual or HR department …

There is no payday Friday or Fuddles … admittedly, you don’t have to wait until Friday to dress down …

Times are tough, and one of the worst parts of being self-employed is doing it all alone.  However, there are ways that you can overcome that. 

Networking is a great way to do that, although most networking is geared at selling, despite what some people say – me the loudest – about networking being about building community.  But if you are trying to convince people to buy from you, you don’t at the same time tell them how much you are struggling, as they will try and protect them and their business and ‘shop’ with someone more reliable or stable, or more successful … but I will let you into a little secret – we’re all struggling at times.  Some are better at hiding it – or employed and don’t know have the worries.

Sayers Solutions Support Subscriber is a safe space to discuss your obstacles and help your fellow business owners to overcome them.  Share inspiration and motivation, with a bit of expert marketing advice and guidance chucked in too.

By becoming a Support Subscriber, you are not alone.

And for the cost of just £20 a month, its not going to break the bank either.

We have a Whatsapp and Facebook Group and also hold online meetings – we are thinking about physical meetings, but it depends where people are located first ….

Get in touch to find out more.

However, be warned, you will be given homework and asked strange questions like what do you want to achieve? Who is your market? Why are you planning that campaign and which business goal is it helping you attain? And How are you going to measure it?