Sayers Solutions is no longer available to help!

Over the years, when chatting with businesses at networking events or in follow up calls, we have been saying “We are here to help” but we are no longer available to help.

We are constantly reviewing what we do, how we do it and who we are doing it for – we are marketers … and whilst doing this we have also been looking at the value that we provide to clients and networking contacts, and how we frame it. In conclusion, we have decided we don’t help people, and so no longer wish to offer to do so.

Instead, what we do do, is work with clients, we assist them, and we add value to them. We do not help them!

Small businesses don’t need help and they don’t want to be patronised.

They are experts! They know what they do and how they do it.

However running a businesses isn’t just about what you are good at, it’s about ALL the other things and spinning all the plates at one time.

Sayers Solutions is here to support, motivate, inspire and hold to account.

We provide guidance and training on marketing and strategy aspects of running a small business, and we use our extensive community of contacts to find the right solutions for you.