Say hello to Sabrina- our new intern here at Sayers Solutions

Say hello to Sabrina- our new intern here at Sayers Solutions

Hi everyone! You may recognise my name from the West Yorkshire FSB meetings on Tuesdays, where I got the pleasure of being Merewyn’s sidekick in promoting Sayers Solutions!

You might have also seen me appear in Sayers Solutions TikToks acknowledging what “Sayers Solutions is scared of …” in celebration of Halloween. (You might also be interested to read our Halloween Blog –

For the next 7 weeks I will be interning for M, learning the ins and outs of her business, and further developing my skills in digital marketing & strategy. 

A little bit about me (and some interesting facts!) …

  • I just finished my degree in International Business Management from York St John University, and I will be graduating this November in the lovely York Minster
  • I have been working as a freelancer in content creation for almost 2 years, I work with some clothing, skincare, and wellness companies- 3 of my favourite things!
  • I moved to the UK at the age of 8, I come from a Romanian & Russian background. 
  • My favourite tv show is Sex and The City… I would describe myself as the perfect mix between all 4 girls!
  • Leading from the previous comment, my dream city to live in is New York
  • I used to want to become an actress and I once got through the final stages of being accepted into the same acting school which Johnny Depp & Robert De Niro went to!
  • I have a mini-Yorkshire Terrier 

I hope that my time at Sayers Solutions will provide me with some valuable skills and experiences which I will be able to use towards my advantage as I progress in my career.

I aim to get a deeper comprehension of SEO and strategies used in order to increase web traffic.

These skills not only greatly interest me, but also prove to be highly in-demand regarding a role within any digital marketing agency, therefore this internship is an ideal place to commence the start of my career!

This position will also enable me to gain skills in project management in order to meet KPI’s, which I believe to be an exciting challenge. 

Most importantly, I hope to find myself enjoying every step of the way, having fun whilst also deepening my knowledge in digital marketing and marketing strategies, as well as having the amazing opportunity of working alongside Merewyn! 

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