First Impressions

First Impressions

There is an old saying that “You can only make one first impression” – but are first impressions always accurate?

And if not, at which point should we challenge our perception of that first impression?

A few months ago, following a meeting, Merewyn posed this question for us to discuss and explore.

How critical is a first impression?

Many many years ago Merewyn met someone and admits (almost shamefully now) at the time she took an instant dislike to them. In fact, every time she thought of them she sighed, as she ruled out the possibility that they would ever see eye to eye or be useful to each other.

Even though this person was active within the local area and involved with lots of different groups, she certainly couldn’t include them in a list of “helpful” people.

However, in recent years they have become a member of the HD8 Network, and it’s actually turned into a successful membership, for both parties.

After an Account Manager Meeting with them, Merewyn messaged the office saying “How wrong can a person be about someone? This person has BLOWN my mind!”

So how could she have got it so wrong?

This then got us thinking, how many times others experience similar situations?

Merewyn mused “I often wonder how many people I meet, form a bad impression of me on the first meeting. But more importantly, how many are not willing to change their opinion without getting to know me, my business offerings or my background.”

Why does it happen? Maybe a bad day, perhaps the interaction with other people or surroundings affects a person’s attitude or could the reasons be related to conforming, or not, to stereotypes and preconceptions?

This situation is highlighted through Merewyn’s volunteer work with the FSB. People meet and get to know Merewyn as the Area Lead for FSB, however, many don’t go past this and bother to find out about Sayers Solutions (or HD8 Network) … Some just assume she ‘works’ for the FSB.

So maybe the old saying is wrong, maybe you shouldn’t rely on first impressions, but instead you should question and challenge that first impression.

Try reading a few chapters of the book, to ensure you haven’t just judged the book by its cover.

Who do you know that made a bad first impression?

Would you be willing to re-visit it and give them a second chance? You might be surprised!

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