“Let’s make this a Small Business Black Friday”, firms urge, as retailer confidence tumbles

Looking ahead to this year’s Black Friday, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) National Chairman Mike Cherry said:

“A lot of small firms are pinning their hopes to a bumper festive season after last year’s restrictions debacle. We’re urging everyone to get behind small businesses wherever they can over the coming weeks, starting today – let’s make this a Small Business Black Friday.

“Rather than reaching for the same old brands – where deals might not be all they seem in any case – shop bespoke, receive one-to-one personal service and give some new restaurants, cafes and pubs a try.

“Concerningly, only one in four small retailers are expecting an improvement in performance between now and the end of the year, despite this being the all-important golden quarter. High utility prices, labour shortages and a forthcoming hike in the jobs tax are all stifling confidence.

“It’s against this backdrop that we’re urging everyone to shop small and, where possible, buy direct.

“Online marketplaces open up a lot of opportunities, but usually come with significant fees for small firms – buying in-store, through a firm’s own website or by phone, typically means a business can keep more of what they make.”