FSB membership at reduced rate

The West Yorkshire area of the FSB have been talking with the Leeds LEP for a few months to get agreement on a subsidised membership scheme and we have finally got approval and we are pleased to announce that the scheme launched on Monday.

The funding we, the FSB, are getting will allow up to 1000 West Yorkshire businesses to join the FSB at a reduced rate for 12 months.

The businesses must be in West Yorkshire, be sole traders or micro (9 or fewer employees) and be new members.

Under the deal, the LEP are subsidising the fee by £100 and we are removing the £30 registration fee for new joiners.

This will mean that membership fees will be  £47 for sole traders, £99 for businesses with up to 4 employees and £153 for those with 9 or fewer employees.

The Leeds LEP are funding this because they recognise that FSB membership gives great support to small businesses and they want to help them be more resilient in the coming difficult financial period. They cannot provide the sort of support we can for this cost so see us as a really important partner.

This recognition of the value of FSB membership is really welcome and thank you to you all for helping make this possible by being great advocates of the FSB.

Any help you can have promoting this would be great.

If you would like more details about how you can take advantage of this discount please get in touch.