Are you ready for 2021?

What is your plan and how will you be attacking the year? 

We are coming to the last quarter of 2020 and it is instinctive at the end of the year to start thinking of the year ahead.  Naturally, you will be thinking how you will approach business and create successes next year. 

Merewyn Sayers - Sayers Solutions

What will you aim for? What will you do the same? and what will you do differently?

What is that I hear you say, “what’s the point of strategy and planning for the future, especially in the middle of a pandemic?”

The current situation has shown both, that living hand to mouth and building a rigid and complex plan cannot protect you and your business, especially when you need it the most. 

However, a business plan is not just about building for the future, it is also about understanding the current situation – evaluating strengths weaknesses and competitive advantage. 

Those that have been able to pivot and adapt during this time, will have been those who had in-depth knowledge about their business, industry and customer needs and demands … and most importantly will have written this down and documented it – leaving headspace to deal with the matter at hand.  Because of this they were able to see opportunities and tweak their offering -whether this was to an online setting or varied products or services.

A business plan is an essential part of running a successful business. It is a vital tool to keep you motivated, focused, and fully informed. It keeps you in touch with what your business does and why, making sure you are catering for your customer’s needs.

Sayers Solutions has found during her extensive time working with small businesses, that the majority just work day-to-day. Whilst they know the answers and information required for the business plan, many do not go to the extent of documenting it or exploring further.

Because of this Sayers Solutions has simplified the business plan, helping you focus on the 4 key areas, keeping it relevant to you and your business’s needs.

This plan can be completed on the back of a post-it note or compiled into a bound and finished dossier.

However, the most important lesson is that it should not be a one-off exercise.

The plan should be ever evolving, a constantly reviewed and updated exercise.

Sayers Solutions brings you a handful of different sessions to enable you to be more strategic.  These include the 4 Part Plan Webinar and 4 Part Plan 5-week course, and newly launched Sayers Solutions 2020 Small Business Appraisal.

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Simplify your business plan, making it meaningful and effective!

Whether you need to regather and find a new way of working or you are taking the opportunity to work on your business, whilst you are not able to work in it, Sayers Solutions welcomes you to attend and be inspired.

If you would like to discuss the session or have any questions, please feel free to contact Sayers Solutions.